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Great Links

Great Links for dogs and their humans:

  • Of course, the link to my breeder in England, Vivien Phillips, who obviously breeds perfect pups!
  • The GBGVCA – where every GBGV in the US should be a member!
  • The AKC – please register here so we can finally become a breed in the US!  I think the US is the only place on the planet that does not recognize the GBGV as a full breed and this needs to change!
  • This one is for fun – the only other place besides my home that I know of where Kuvasz and GBGVs are raised together!
  • A good furend of mind has a great site with everything for us doggies!
  • Great real estate in St.Peter-Ording, Germany
  • Another GBGV blog
  • Why Would Anyone Want To Move To Minnesota blog
  • Up Country Inc – best collars and accessories in the world! (Katie and I have like 20 collars for every occassion)
  • In The Company Of Dogs – great dog accessories and they have a PBGV as a model!
  • Drs. Foster & Smith – best prices on Frontline, Heart Worm meds, toothpaste and some tasty healthy treats as well
  •  Fur pal of mine, mom makes pet gift baskets among other human items
  • Trader Joes – they have really yummy organic dog treats, you would never guess they were healty they are so good
  • Barker and Meowsky – another one of my great links for cool collars and accessories
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  1. June 4, 2012 09:23

    I have read your stories but this is my first time to comment, i adore your work

  2. Sherrell Fick permalink
    March 12, 2013 05:51

    New subscriber.great blog

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