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Take Who To Work Day | GBGV

June 22, 2012

Katie, Mom & I working in her home office

TGIF everyone!  I am so excited because I heard that it is “Take Your Mom To Work Day” today.  Oh, wait, maybe it was “Take Your Dog To Work Day”???  No matter, we work with mom every day because she works from home most of the time.  Mom is a Realtor, so sometimes even when she has errands to run like putting up signs and stuff we get to ride along and then she takes us on a nice walk in a fun new area of town.

Actually, mom and I work a lot, but as you can

Me keeping an eye on the open house sign

see, Katie is gabbing on the phone with one of her boyfriends – geez!  Katie is not real interested in helping mom out but she sure is Johnny on the Spot when it comes to riding along and going for a walk – no work ethic with that girl.  Well, ok, she is getting older and she did start going to the office in Germany when she was 9 weeks old so maybe she is just tired of it.  I know in Germany she loved to go to the office because we got to go on beach walks at lunch time and sometimes her friends would visit her in the office.  I did not like that office thing at all and as you know if you have read all

Trying to scan some docs for mom

0f my posts, I pretty much got fired.  Oh well, so is life, now we work with mom and love it!

Our home office is not in the same room as our print/scan/fax machine so sometimes mom sends me over there with some documents she needs scanned.  That Brother does a really good job but it is sure a tough one for a dog to operate.  Maybe the fact that it is named Brother should have been a clue that it could be trouble!!!  I am always willing to give it a try, though.

I help get the job done – SOLD

In my opinion every dog should be able to go to work with their human, it makes for a much happier employee and pet.  There are a few things I miss from Europe, being allowed to go everywhere is one of them.  Maybe the US needs to relax a bit and let us pups go to work, shopping or out to eat on occassion?  It may actually increase productivity – I know mom seems to be putting up a lot of sold signs – I am sure it is mostly because of my help.  I am always proud to post a SOLD sign.  Have a Great Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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