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May 25, 2012

Most of our collars

My sister Katie and I are not small dogs that wear clothes and we have enough fur that we don’t need to wear coats.  So, what do we wear?  Our collars!!!  Mom has a thing for collars!  Together, Katie and I have about 50 different collars.  Lucky for us most of them adjust enough that we can share them.  Mom also washes them with the laundry so they stay nice and clean.  The only bummer is that we both have a lot of fur so the collars don’t always stand out real well.  At night before we go to bed, mom says time to get naked and we take our collars off, get a good scratch and massage on our necks before we head off to bed.  Almost all of our collars are the ribbon type of collar as mom finds they last better and don’t hold fur as some of the cloth ones do.

Our very favorite place to order collars is Up Country.  Mom used to order them from there when we lived in Europe and have them sent to Gramma who sent them to us.  They

Fill up the kool collar with ice cubes

have such a huge selection and they are made really well.  Mom orders them from other places too, or once and a while she will see one in the store.  We have fun ones, holiday ones, seasonal ones, you name it we probably have it.  We think we have plenty of collars and wish she would spend more money on treats but she does not feel that way and says we have plenty of treats.

One of the best collars mom got for me is my Kool Collar!  It is no secret, I am short.  Being short puts me just above the pavement which

Lookin’ sharp and feelin’ cool

makes walking in the summer heat much warmer for me than for my big Kuvasz sister Katie or my mom.  I was having some overheating issues on our walks, even shorter walks and mom did not know what to do for me.  I like to take a dip in a stream or pond if I find one but there is not always one around when we walk.  Mom found these really neat collars called Kool Collar.  She ordered them online and we tried them out.  My sister does not like it and does not really need it but I love mine!  The front is nylon and the back is mesh – mom fills up the collar with ice and then puts it around my neck.  As I walk along, the ice melts and promotes evaporative cooling over my chest area. The action of the water evaporating cools my blood and the core temperature.  The ice lasts about 45 mins in mine if mom really fills it up.  If you are short like me or have hot weather issues I would highly recommend these collars!  They also come with ice packs for indoor use if you don’t have a/c or for in the car or something like that.  Stay cool and be cool!

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