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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom | GBGV

May 13, 2012

I have to get way down in the pot to the roots

Today is Mother’s Day.  I am not able to be with my dog mom but I have my human mom that has taken care of me since I turned 9 weeks old and has given me a pretty awesome life for a dog!  I wanted to do something for mom but what could I do for her?  It seems from what I hear that flowers are the way to go for Mother’s Day.  Mom will be using the car most of the weekend so I can’t sneak it out and get to a store really and walking is a bit too far carrying flowers.  Oh I have a brilliant idea!  I am going to just dig up some pretty flowers for mom.  She

Ok, now they are loose so I can grab them

will appreciate those even more knowing all the work I put into getting them for her.

I was so excited to get started digging!  I love to dig and get all dirty and full of dirt – this is such a perfect idea – fun for me and she will be so happy!We don’t have a garden, mom doesn’t like all that so we have flowering bushes, shrubs and trees and some potted flowers in the summer.  Since we both like bright colors I decided to dig up some pretty ones from a pot on the deck.  Mom leaves us out there while she

Oh, hi mom, no, not up to anything special, why?

works and she can’t see us from her desk so it is perfect!  I was digging away, the weather was glorious and I was coming along so well when mom appeared and then I heard it loud and clear “Emmaaaaaa what are you doing!!!”  “Nothing mom, I said, why do you ask???”  She was not real impressed with my work and muddy beard but since my heart was in the right place I did not get in trouble.  I guess I will skip the flowers and just spend time snuggling with her instead today!

I love you mom!  Thank you so much for all you do for me and for letting me have so much fun in life and so many great experiences.  Thank you for keeping me healthy even thought I don’t like the vet and groomer.  Thank you for not leaving me locked in a kennel or chained up somewhere.  Thank you for a wonderful home filled with cuddly places to snooze, food to eat, plenty of healthy snacks and chew items and other pet siblings.  I hope you have a perfect day, Love Emma!

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  1. May 13, 2012 09:42

    I think a bouquet of flowers is a WONDERFUL gift for your mom. And they were even locally grown, too!

  2. May 13, 2012 20:21

    Good job Emma! Clearly you is a very kind and considerate kind of dog, and I hope your mama appreciates all your hard work!

  3. June 4, 2012 16:43

    It’s the thought that counts right?!

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