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Rabbit Hide and Seek | GBGV

May 9, 2012

Sniff out just the right pine tree

Anyone that knows me or follows me knows that I am a wabbit nut!  Wabbits make me absolutely crazy!  Nothing better in the world than finding and getting wabbits, thus Rabbit Hide and Seek.  I even sleep with my stuffed wabbit named Bunny every night and I wrote a post on him a few months ago.  I love squirrels too but they are almost impossible to catch since they can climb, so the wabbits are what really interest me.

Wabbit hunting is a fine art which I feel I have perfected.  My mom is amazed almost every day

Nose under the tree, front paw pointing

at how I always seem to manage to find a wabbit somewhere!  I know where they like to hang out or hide and I am super speedy and can do those zig zag curves pretty well too so I can catch them fairly easily.  GBGV’s were actually bred to help hunt critters like hares and wabbits.

We have one favorite walk that mom calls the bunny trail. It is a nice hour or so walk where we are practically guaranteed wabbits.  My record so far is finding 11 on one walk but this time of year 4-5 are pretty much guaranteed!

Scared Wabbit runs out the other side of the tree

To catch those wiley wabbits you need to know where they hang out.  I have determined over the years that the most likely spot to find them is under a pine tree.  Now, it can be a big one or one that barely offers any cover but they love hanging out under pine trees.  Then I need my sniffin’ scent hound nose to sniff out if they are really there or not.  Once I determine they are home I jump right in under the tree and they race out the other side.  As they try to race away, my sister Katie usually starts the chase for me until I get back out from under the tree.  Once I am in the chase I simply catch up to

Even this tree might have a wabbit

them grab them and that is it.  I find wabbits under pine trees at all times, even at high noon I manage to shag a wabbit out from under a pine tree somewhere.

The thrill of the finding and chase are what really motivates me.  Once I get them the fun is over so I bring them to my sister Katie or to mom.  Neither of them seem to be real appreciative of my work.  Katie just wants to chase them forever and mom feels so bad.  She says I can’t help myself because it is an instinct but it does not mean she has to like it.  I have

After a good hunt cuddle at home with Bunny

caught well over 20 wabbits in my yard in the past 4 years.  One real dumb bunny even had her babies under a tree in my yard, needless to say, they did not last long.  Not sure why they keep coming in our yard but I guess they are not real good at learning!

Happy wabbit hunting to everyone!

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  1. June 4, 2012 16:44

    Those dang rabbits are tricky! Good job on catching quite a few Emma (:

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