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The Window War | GBGV

April 28, 2012

Bert & Sophie wanting the window spot

I think it was 3 years ago now that Gramma brought out a bird feeder for Bert.  She thought we could put it outside to get birds for the cats to watch.  Mom decided to put it in front of her office window.  We had birds right away, but only Katie is really tall enough to just look out the window so mom decided to put a box with a cat bed there to see if the cats would be interested, and sure enough both Bert and Sophie were jockeying for the bed spot!

Mom decided this was going to be great for the cats so she went out and bought a wicker trunk

Bert & Sophie enjoying the spacious window seat

to put under the window and a matching cat bed.  This was great, both cats fit although only one had the bed, it was just what mom wanted.  Then Katie and I realized that there was something to see out the window, so we started hanging out there too.  I slowly started nudging my way onto the trunk shoving Bert to the side.  He was not happy about it but hey, I am a dog and I do as I please with stuff in MY house, he is just a cat!

Well, leaning on a trunk was really not all that comfortable so one day I decided to just hop up

Me starting to shove cat Bro Bert off the trunk

on the trunk and take over the cat bed.  Sure, it was a bit small, but no problem, I did not mind.  Now I had the view all to myself.  After spending time in my new found window seat I realized that there were rabbits and squirrels showing up to eat the bird food as well.  I could care less about the birds but the critters were fascinating!

Bert is a stand your ground kind of guy so he did not just give up his seat in the window.  Sometimes I had to jump up and sit on him to get him to move, he would hit me and get all

Me after taking over the cat bed seat

mad but I was bigger.  Mom was not happy since the original intent was for the cats to watch birds so she decided we needed a larger window seat to fit more pets.

Finally this past winter she got a new bench that holds my cuddle bed and Bert’s cat bed so we can both sit there and watch birds and critters and I carry out my neighborhood watch program from this seat as well.

Sure there is plenty of space for me and actually both cats but many times I like to hang over and

Bert unhappily sharing the new bench with me

use the cat bed for my head or feet.  The cats and I will never stop fighting over this seat I guess.  Sometimes even Sophie tries to ward me off.  She likes to sit in my cuddle bed when I go outside.  When I come back in she refuses to move so I end up back in the cat bed.

I guess the main thing is that we have a nice window spot and between watching for birds, squirrels and rabbits we stay busy arguing over the seating arrangement!

Here is a short clip of Sophie and I sorting out who gets which spot on the bench.

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  1. orientallily001 permalink
    April 28, 2012 07:24

    Well, you know what they say… if you want the best seat in the house, you gotta move the cat!

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