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The Story of Cousin Bowie

April 24, 2012

Cousin Bowie looking all regal

Mom’s family is a serious cat family – hardly anyone in the family has or has had a dog, but everyone seems to have cats and all of those cats are adopted cats which is a good thing.  Gramma was never a big fan of animals until mom was born.  Mom was into animals from the beginning and poor Gramma had to put up with a cat, gerbils, rabbits and even a dog while mom was growing up.  Gramma loves her granddogs but she is really much more of a cat person.  Mom wanted a cat so bad as a little girl and finally her dad gave in when she was about 7, and she adopted Fluffy, a kitten that lived to be 19 years old!  Fluffy stayed with Gramma after mom left home but when Fluffy passed on, Gramma did not get another cat.  When we all moved back from Germany we stayed with Gramma for 4 months so she got used to living with pets again.  After we all left it was rather quiet at home so Gramma got to thinking about getting a cat.  That summer the Humane Society had a program called Mission Meowwhich Gramma thought might be ideal for

Me trying to pester cousin Bowie

her and a cat.

Here in the Northland most kittens are born in the spring and summer, the animal shelters are full of kittens and cats but most people that come in only want the kittens so there is an overage of adult cats.  Mission Meow is a program that matches adult cats with temporary 6 month homes.  The Humane Society pays the food and veterinary bills for the cat that is being fostered as well.  At the end of the 6 months you can either adopt the cat or return it.  Of course, most people adopt the cat after becoming attached to the cat after the 6 months, so it is a win win situation for most people and cats.  Gramma was paired up with Bowie and the rest is history.  He has been living the good life with Gramma for almost 4 years now and they are both very happy.

Bowie is a very mellow guy.  His hobbies are eating his cat

Bowie with a toy mouse mom hung on him

food, limited sharing of human food with Gramma and snuggling with humans, especially Gramma!  He is not a real fan of dogs but he stands his ground in his own house.  I don’t think he is too thrilled when Katie and I come to visit but he does not let us boss him around at all.  I try to pester him but he is really good at just ignoring me until I go away.  He is not scared of us at all.  When Gramma goes away, Bowie goes to Lena’s house.  Poor Bowie!  Lena loves him and licks him to death, reports have it that sometimes Bowie is just soaking wet from all the licking and Lena actually got a hairball from it all last fall when Bowie was at her house for a whole month!

Point of all this…if you want a cat, adopt!  Even adult cats make great companions and they will be forever thankful!

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