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My Neighborhood Watch Program | GBGV

April 21, 2012

So a lot of you humans take one look at me and don’t take me seriously at all – well, wake up and smell the coffee – I have set up my own neighborhood watch program!  If any of you remember watching some of thos old tv shows, I would be a combination of Gladys Kravitz the nosey neighbor on Bewitched, and Barney Fife in Mayberry, just a bit cuter and definitely meaner than both!

My security watch post

My sister Katie, a Kuvasz, is actually a guard dog breed so most of what I know about home/neighborhood security I learned from her.  Actually, come to think of it, now that I know how to guard, she lets me do most of the work and just acts as my backup.  We make a good team as I alert her about possible danger and she chimes right in helping to scare off any impending trouble.  I have my post in my cuddle bed right in the front window.  I can see up and down the street, the driveway, the front walkway, everything I need to guard our home and neighborhood.  I sit in my spot a lot during

My view of my kingdom/neighborhood from my post

the day but when mom leaves I head to my post and remain there until she returns.  See how sneaky I am too, you hardly even notice my little face peering out the front window…like a crocodile lying in wait.  Katie sleeps on the other side of the house watching over the back entrances so we have the place covered but my post gets the most action.  If we dogs are out usually my cat Bert fills in for me sitting at my post on his bed.

When I see danger on the way such as kids

Cat Bro Bert keeping watch in my absence

playing or dogs being walked I sound my fog horn (that’s what mom calls it, I just say I howl).  I continue with my fog horn which calls Katie to action.  She then joins me in another window with her deep bark.  It works so well as those dogs being walked don’t approach our house at all, neither do the kids out playing, everyone just keeps going down the street.  It is quite obvious that they are scared to death of Emma the GBGV!

The neighbors all know that I am in the window keeping watch most of the time as if I am not in the window they ask mom where is Emma?  The good thing is that even if I doze off while on duty, I am immediately awakened if anyone comes to the door or if the garage door opens and I can reach those locations in about 1 second.  I am Johnny on the Spot to see what is going on and to keep crime at bay.

Mom says she feels so safe with me protecting our home.  She says that if anyone breaks in they will die of laughter – not sure why she thinks that as I am a mean and viscious guard dog but she likes to tell people that.  I know my big sis Katie would have my furry backside if the need would arise and she could eat people no problem if she had to.  But we feel confident that we are safe since when my fog horn sounds, people, animals and vehicles continue down the road rather than stopping at our place and I know it is out of terror that they keep going!

Be safe and maybe start your own neighborhood watch program…

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  1. orientallily001 permalink
    April 21, 2012 07:44

    I think that’s great… you protecting your peeps like that. You should be proud of your work!

  2. orientallily001 permalink
    April 24, 2012 07:19

    Bowie is a very handsome boy. He looks a lot like my sister Mason, who is very beautiful. I just love the colour of his fur… so does Mason!

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