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My Try At Fame And Fortune | GBGV

April 17, 2012

My professional photo

As my facebook and twitter pals know, mom had a big surprise for me March 24th!  The unfortunate part was that I had to get myself all cleaned up and groomed.  I prefer the comfy old, dirty, shaggy look but for mom I got cleaned up.  I had no idea where we were going but it was just the two of us, Katie had to stay home which made me a bit skeptical – usually means groomer to get my ears pulled or the vet.  We drove out to Woodbury to All Breed Obedience And Behavioral School For Dogs which I found odd since, of course, I am perfectly behaved and was top in my puppy class.  We went inside and it was a big open hall with a couple dogs and a few people.  I was pretty frightened I must say…shaking in my fur.  I could not see anything fun about this place and then my worst fear came true – mom had to use the restroom.  How could she leave me with some woman that claimed to work there that I have never met before and just disappear?  Here I was in Wood bury all by myself, scared to death.  I know for a fact that all bathrooms have secret escape doors that only humans know about and I was sure mom was gone.  Whew, lucky for me she was back in a flash but it seemed like an eternity.

Got my phones, waiting for the call

Mom took a seat and wanted me to just sit down but I was too nervous – what were they doing in this place, why did mom bring me here and she seemed so happy about it.  Some dogs came, some left, all seemed to be just fine but I was scared.  The people loved me and were asking all about me since they had never seen a GBGV before.  Aside from the chit chat it was quiet in the place.  Then it happened, a dog bigger than me came to the door.  I had to save us all so I let out some of my biggest howls from deep down inside my belly to warn everyone of the danger about to enter the building.  Everyone first jumped and then they all just laughed at me – I was really loud, my howls echoed in the big empty space.  Mom told me to stop it, no one realized the danger of this dog but me.  I stopped but still had saved a growl or two just in case.

Then it happened, they called my name, Emma.  Oh no, what are they going to do with me?  This is where I found out that I was here for my try at fame and fortune!  I was at a photo shooting audition for a Target ad with Barbara O’Brien Photography.  Ok, I can stop shaking now and just be my silly self but mom said emphatically that I had to listen to her directions.  Then she pulled out the deal of the day, my liver treats – ok, for these I will do it all.  The photographer, Barbara herself, came over to meet me and introduce herself, a very nice and friendly lady.  Then we started taking photos of me – yes, it was all about me at that time and I love to be the center of attention so this was a good thing.  I did really well I think for my first attempt.  I am not sure about how the photo turned out.  It does not really seem to capture my personality, I look so serious, like someone said vet or something!  I was hoping for a more goofy look and more of my body to show off my spots and stuff but it is me so that is fine I guess.

Me in my secret hiding spot

The other day mom told me that Target did not choose me for their ad.  I spent 2 weeks sitting with my phones waiting for a call that never came.  I think they are crazy because I am so darn cute and nice and something different but I gave it my best and that is all a pup can do.  I was pretty broken up about it so I took my box of tissues and went to my secret hiding spot to cry an sulk for a bit.  Now I realize it is not a secret since mom found me and took my picture and it is getting posted online but I still feel like I am hiding when I am behind the big plant.  I will now have a portfolio with Barbara O’Brien Photography which means if other jobs that I would fit come up I will have a shot at those.  She has some big name clients besides Target that I could see posing for like Purina (we eat Pro Plan at home) or really any pet food since I love to eat.  What does have me a bit worried is that 3M is a big client…hmmm…how would that photo shoot go???  I see myselft bound with scotch tape and covered in post it notes, not really what I was looking for!

Whether or not I ever get in an ad, it was a fun experience and at least I tried and put my best paw forward (that is my front right one).  The other great part of the day was I got to spend the rest of the day with just me and mom, driving, visiting gramma and going for a walk, I never get much mommy and me time so that was fun but I was sure glad to get home that night and see my sis Katie and tell her about my day!  Mom said that if I ever do get a job I might get some human money but I would have to give some of it to Uncle Sam.  I am wondering about that as I did not even know I had an uncle Sam and why would I need to share anything of mine with him?  I always share with my sister and that seems like enough sharing to me.   Regardless, it would be my money so I am busy making my list of all the things I want to buy like chix strips, bully stix, peanut butter cookies…

Here is a link to all my photos – click here

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Sadie Petunia permalink
    April 17, 2012 09:26

    That sounds like fun for you and your mom! I hope you get picked soon! woowoowoo

  2. April 17, 2012 14:36

    They are crazy fur not picking you Emma! You’re a star!!!

  3. June 18, 2012 13:10

    Yeah – you should have been picked. I don’t know what the requirements were for the photos so I probably shouldn’t even say this but you might have had the wrong photographer. Your personality really didn’t come out in the photos and they weren’t very imaginative. Your human Mom takes great photos of you Emma – I’d use those if you are looking for a career as a model.

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