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The Many Loves of Katie

April 4, 2012

I am a GBGV living with a love sick Kuvasz!  Sure I like other dogs but I really am happy just hanging out with mom, Katie and once and a while a friend or two.  Not Katie, she is the social butterfly.  Mom says that is part of the reason she got me was that Katie needed a sister/friend.  Katie has a few girlfriends around town but mainly she is after the boys – not just any boys either!  She tends to like dark colored boys, medium to large sized although recently she has taken a fancy to spotted dogs.  She is afraid of dogs bigger than she is so they are out.

Katie and Lupo

Even back in Germany she had her collection of loves!  We lived in a vacation area so lots of her friends would just be around 1-2 times a year for a week or two at at time but she always remembered them and they remembered her.  I would watch in jealousy as she romped around on the beach with “her boys”.  I was more interested in swimming or chasing birdies but I wanted her to pay attention to me.  One of her visiting boyfriends was Lupo – he is her age just smaller, but obviously dark in color.  Mom’s previous dog that Katie spent her puppyhood

Katie and Cody

with was big and black so maybe the affection for dark dogs comes from that???  There was a Yellow Lab that came up twice a year that just loved her and she loved him, they would romp endlessly along the dike.  She also had Chocolate Lab boyfriend named Beno.  Both of them worked in town and often met up at lunchtime with their moms to walk through the grassy area before the beach.  When Beno was around mom had no fears of Katie running away off leash so that was a bonus, but for

Katie and "Spot"

me, her puppy sister, very boring since she ignored me!

Then we moved to the US and she was right back on the romance thing.  When we lived with Gramma she found her boys at the dog park and then when we moved to our own house she found all the “qualifying” boys in the neighborhood.  One of her long standing guys is Cody.  He is totally mellow, I think he borders on boring as he is so mellow but she loves to meet up with him as often as possible.  She even

Katie and Boomer

invited him to our yard!  That is how serious this one is!

Then there is Charlie, a huge Chocolate Lab.  They both go “ga ga” when they see each other.  If he is in the house he barks his furry head off when we go by and Katie cries, just sickening I tell you!  If his mom is home and he gets to go out it is one big love fest…I just want to keep walking and find more rabbits and squirrels.  This love thing is a waste of precious critter tracking time!

She met the new Coon Hound, Davis, in the neighborhood when Lena was visiting.  Mom did not let Katie really meet him because she said it was too hard with 3 dogs on leash but when Lena was gone, Katie was all over him.  This time he was the one that did not want to continue walking, he wanted to go with us!

She has her friend that we call Spot.  He is young and thin and always in his yard.  We call him Spot since we don’t know his name but he has so many spots.  Whenever we go by Katie has to go sniff and lick and stuff with him…once again, YUCK!  He lives by a known squirrel area so I really get miffed if they make the squirrels disappear with all their love noise commotion!

Her most recent love is Boomer – I think he reminds her of herself as a younger dog.  We don’t know where he lives as we only see him when he has run away from home but mom did see his name on his tag.  He is totally wild and always a dirty mess.  Mom says that Katie used to run away like that on walks near the beach in Germany and when she came back she would be a mess from running through the swamp areas.  Katie behaves like a total puppy around him – I think he is a bad influence on both of us.

Oh, almost forgot Basil the Goldendoodle.  He is about Katie’s size and totally a wild guy.  He drags his mom around on the leash when he sees Katie and Katie finds him to be just wonderful – he is a bit too young for her I think since he is only about a year old!

All I can say is that we are lucky Katie is spayed or we would have so many puppies around here!  She is just big and beautiful and loves boys and they love her.  I will stick to my tomboy ways and enjoy the single life – tracking squirrels and wabbits!

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