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Framed By The Sneaky Cat

April 1, 2012

Ok dogs, it is time to unite against these awful creatures called cats…I have had my fill of being framed by these pesty creatures in my house…the paw stops here!!!  Now it is even ruining the life of our guest Buddy!

WARNING!!! This post contains lots of talk about poop – please don’t be offended!

In a previous post I wrote about all the trouble my cat brother Bert has gotten

The not so innocent Sophie Cat

me into in the past few years since he moved in.  Mom is onto his game and so am I.  Sophie on the otherhand does not really like dogs and usually just keeps

to herself.  We never have to deal with her, she just lays around all day looking beautiful.

Now to the straw that broke the camel’s back…Buddy our little pal is staying with us but he has pooped in the house a few mornings this trip which made mom go ballistic!  No poddy in the house of any kind is the rule.  Whenever she found the poop he was there, so she knew he

Caught with the evidence, Sophie & Buddy

did it and since he is so small it does not look like what Katie and I manufacture and the cats never poop except in their litter box!  Further evidence is that he has not been doing his morning business on our walks like usual.  Mom was really very unhappy with him until this morning – the proof was in the poop! It happened again before our walk Buddy pooped in the house but this time he was caught with dear sweet Sophie and the poop.  A bell went off in mom’s mind that the poop has always been where Sophie tends to be in the morning…ding, ding…lights flashing in her head!!!  After

Me and Buddy in the reclaimed DOG'S window

mulling it over she was certain it was Sophie and poor Buddy was always just, there, because he could smell something.  This morning he did his business on our walk too so it could not have been him.  She feels so bad for blaming him and thinking poorly of him but no one ever suspected little miss perfect, aka Sophie! Buddy did not eat much the first couple days so that is most likely why he did not do his business every day on our morning walks.  The first time he stayed with us he was bad and did pee and poop, so that was also causing mom to think it was him again.

Now I am not thinking poorly of my pal Buddy either.  I was disappointed in his behavior before I knew the truth because being 2 he should know better I thought.  I have kicked Bert out of the second seat at what I now call MY window and am now sharing it with my pal Buddy.  Cats, look out, you will be sorry you messed with me, Emma the GBGV.  I don’t think they realize how dangerous dogs can be!  Nothing of theirs will be safe after all the rotten things they have done to us dogs – let the war begin!!!  GRRR…WOOF!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. orientallily001 permalink
    April 1, 2012 10:22

    Please don’t blame the kitties for sneakiness… it’s sort of in our natures…

  2. Declan Greyhound permalink
    April 2, 2012 06:41

    I feel for you! I too have a cat… a touch more evil than sneaky I have to say, I have not been framed by her yet but I am scarred for life! :-/

  3. wendy carson permalink
    April 2, 2012 08:44

    Sorry about Buddy’s pooping……hoping that really it was the cat doing it and not him and I would feel horrible that he would have done it every day since having been there…..not good! Would understand if he was not allowed back!!!!:(

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