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An Interview with Buddy

March 29, 2012

A little interview with Buddy

Time for an interview with Buddy, our little friend that stays with us when his family is on vacation.  NO, we don’t run a kennel here at home but mom likes us 4 legged furry ones so we get to have friends stay with us sometimes.  Seems like for dogs this year the “in” place to go for spring break is our house!  I thought I would interview Buddy because he is so different from Katie and I, so small and a boy, not just another big dog!  He has stayed with us a lot in the past year so he is used to our house and everything that goes on, including living with cats – he and Bert are the boys and about the same size too!

Emma:  So Buddy are you happy to be spending some time at our place again, big yawn?

Buddy:  Well, honestly whenever I come over I am a bit nervous at first because you and Katie are such big dogs but then I remember that you are my friends and everything is ok.

Emma:  What is that bandana thing you are wearing today?  Howl!

Buddy:  Oh that, I am a boy, but I am small and I am hanging out with you two really big girls so sometimes I don’t feel real manly.  This bandana is just to remind you guys who the man is in the house when I am here.

Emma:  You have stayed with us quite a few times now so you know mom’s rule – the yard is not a bathroom – yet every time you visit the first thing you do is to go out and poop in our yard, why?

Buddy:  That is the same basic thing as my bandana, Emma.  I figure if I leave a present in your yard I am staking my claim to it.  Being a guy I need to have my claims in order.  Grrr…

Emma:  What breed of dog are you again, I always forget?

Buddy:  I am a Schmorkie – Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkie mix.

Emma:  What do you like about spending time at our house?

Buddy:  I really love the walks! Woof, woof!  It is so fun to go all over the area, sniffin’ new stuff, peeing on new things, enjoying the fresh air.  I don’t get to go on long walks like that at home very often.

Emma:  It seems to me that you don’t like other dogs too much, why is that?

Buddy:  I don’t meet many dogs at home, so I am not used to other dogs like you guys are.

Emma:  So if you don’t like them, why in heavens name do you go racing up to strange large dogs growling and barking at them, they could eat you in one bite!  Grrr…irritated look.

Buddy:  Hee, hee, hee…I think it is funny!  Woof, woof!  You mom has me walk in between you and Katie so you are like my big bodyguards, my entourage, I figure I can have a little fun teasing big dogs and my big girls will save my furry little behind if necessary!!!

Emma:  Ok, enough about your using us, grrr…!  Where did you learn to play soccer so well?

Buddy:  My kids at home taught me and everyone seems to enjoy watching me so I do it for the attention! Ruff, ruff, ruff…

Emma:  Do you know I have a blog post with your soccer video?  The video is on my youtube channel too.

Buddy:  Yeah, you told me that last time I visited.  I was hanging out at home for days waiting for some big name teams to call me about playing for them, dreamt of fame and fortune but the calls never came.  I guess they think I am too small or something??? Woof!

Emma:  Do you have any plans while you are staying with us this week?

Buddy:  I guess I am hoping to get to know those cute little girls next door!  Howl, howl…  They are my size and I am in love…love sick almost…hope they are out in the yard a lot and maybe they will invite me to their yard…howl, howl!

Emma:  Grrr…so you are staying with us, using us as bodyguards and would dump us for those two little broads next door?

Buddy:  Sorry, Emma, but yes I would.

Emma:  Well, on that note I think we should end this interview.  Let’s go out in the yard and see who wins a little wrestling match…hee, hee, heeee…

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  1. wendy carson permalink
    March 29, 2012 09:51

    We LOVED your blog post today!!! So glad the girls are watching out for our little guy. We hope he behaves himself!!!! Buddy loves JFFWR (Joy’s forever friendly woof resort)!

  2. March 29, 2012 13:58

    BOL…I loves da part in da video when Buddy lays down completely still on his side trying to lure ya in Emma. Hehehe Sneaky Boy.

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