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Save Me From My Cat

March 25, 2012

Bert looking like he is very cool!

Oh my, I don’t know where to begin.  We are 2 dogs and 2 cats in our house along with mom.  Of course, my sister Katie and I get along great, our cat Sophie does not really like dogs so she is not a problem but my cat brother Bert is another story!  Sheesh – I mean what am I going to do with him??? Sometimes I think he thinks he is a dog and not a cat.  We got him from the Humane Society when he was about 3 they said.  Shouldn’t he be thankful that we saved his furry behind???  No, he has forgotten that and wants to take over our world!  Don’t be fooled by that innocent cat look!

Forced to share my spot in the sun

For one thing he is VERY naughty!  A couple years ago we had visitors from Germany.  They plugged in their cellphone to charge overnight next to the couch.  In the morning the cord was chewed through and what happened?  I, yes, me, got blamed for chewing up the cord.  I was never a chewer, not even as a baby but Bert arranged it so I took the fall for him.  It wasn’t until about 6 months later when mom caught him nawing on her computer cables that the truth came out!  Now all electrical cables in the house have been secured.

Watching critters with a cat, this is so wrong!

He is also a thief.  Sure I countersurf and occasionally steal food items but he does it ALL the time and usually brings the stolen goods to me so it looks like I am a party to the crime.  Lucky for me, mom knows better.  He has NO cat toys anymore because he eats them!  He eats all his toy mice, catnip stuffed toys, you name it, the guy eats it all and the proof is in the litterbox if you know what I mean!

Bert seems to think I am his best friend.  He follows me around, feels the need to sleep right up next to me, has no fear of me, it is almost

Bert brainwashing my poor Bunny

embarrassing!  Sometimes he is kind of fun, we do enjoy a good wrestling match or chase but he never gives in and if the going gets tough, he gets out his claws on my beard and I don’t appreciate that at all!

The absolute last straw was when I caught him with MY bunny.  There he was face to face with Bunny trying to turn Bunny against me, brainwash him or something of the sort – I know it!

I so wish he would just be a cat and leave me and my stuff alone, quit causing trouble and trying to set me up for the fall.  Mom loves him but he makes her really mad too with his chewing up and eating everything!  He also tries to run away from home all the time so mom has to chase him down to get him back.  He is family so I have to put up with him but he sure makes it rough for a pup like me!

Emma as DVM, Katie the nurse, Bert the patient

As a side note, last week Bert had a urinary tract blockage and had to go to the emergency vet and spend the night followed by 2 more nights at our regular vet.  It was very peaceful at home but we missed his mischief!  When he came home, Katie and I played doctor and helped to get him back on his paws.  He is doing great now and is back to getting in trouble and being a pest!

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  1. orientallily001 permalink
    March 25, 2012 09:51

    Hehehe… I LOVED this post! Yes, we cats do get into mischief sometimes and yes, we do know how to make others take the fall. Personally, I try to blame the peeps as much as possible. I encourage the other members of my fur-family to do the same. And do you know what? It almost ALWAYS works! It’s ’cause we’re all so cute, I think.

    I hope Bert is feeling much better, really soon. purrs

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