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Happy St. Patricks Day

March 17, 2012

Me, Emma O'GBGV, Ready for a Party!

A Howlin’ Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  Hope all my readers are feeling perfectly green today!  Mom decked us out for the festivities, I don’t mind, Katie is not thrilled and Lena wanted no part of it!  Katie and I have changed our names to appear Irish, I am now Emma O’GBGV and she is Katie O’Kuvasz, pretty clever we think!

The party pups

Since Lena is going home this weekend and we are not exactly sure when, we had our doggie St. Patty’s Day party yesterday.  Mom got out a little table with some little dishes for us and even got us some green bones.  We don’t normally eat those bones with all the coloring in them but just this once she thought green would be ok.  Heck, even she eats a bag of chips now and then, I mean go wild, go all out!  It was kind of fun sitting at the table munching on the bones.  The cats were not the least bit interested in participating which made us dogs happy.  Those cats, especially Bert love to get in the middle and make a mess of things usually.

Katie with my hat

Lena just refused to wear anything green and did not even really want to sit at the table but she finally did give in and sit with us.  At least with the green plants she looks a bit festive.

I lent my favorite hat to my sister Katie after the party.  She put it on but was not too happy about it, she said it made her look silly.  I figure that is the whole point but she is more the fancy, pretty type and does not like to appear foolish.  If she knew I posted this photo on my blog and entered it in a photo contest she would just kill me!  Heeeee, heeee, heeee…that is what us pesty little sisters are good at!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day – especially to those of you in Ireland!!!  Bowls of green water for everyone, put them on my tab!

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  1. March 20, 2012 17:54

    Hi – I’m Stewey, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi! I just found you, Emma, on Twitter! So, I thought I would stop by your blog for a visit. I love your St. Patrick’s Day pics – how fun!!! I was dressed up too! Here’s the link:
    Stop by for a visit sometime!!!

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