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My Take On The World

March 14, 2012

The view from my front window

You hear it all the time, especially when you have big floppy ears like I do – “humans rule the world”.  Well, I decided to tackle this statement from the bottom up and being as short as I am that is starting pretty low!  What if humans saw the world as we do, at least inside our own homes?  Wait!  They actually do!  Those mini-humans, aka babies, they are down at the level of a dog the first few years but what they have to look at does not seem to bother larger humans at all.  I decided to get out my trusty camera and take a few shots from some of my favorite hang out spots at home.  This first one is where I have the best view – no critics please, my focus is just fine but I sit in the front window a good part of the day watching over my kingdom and inadvertently get a lot of nose prints on the glass which I have to look through.  What I look at besides who is coming and going is the feeder where mainly birds but the occassional squirrel or rabbit can be found.  It can be a really exciting place and other than the blur through the nose prints or having to share with my cat bro Bert the view is optimal!

The view from under mom's desk

Another top spot of mine is under mom’s desk.  She works from home a lot and I like to be close to her so I sit down by her feet.  In the afternoons there is also a nice sunspot for me to take my nap in.  Enough of the pleasantries, look at my view – do you think you could stain the bottom of the desk, paint a squirrel there or something?  I mean really, is it an awful thing to look at or what?  That chair is hidious also from down at my level.  Mom was not sitting there when I took the photo but all I get to see of her is her legs and then I have the smell of her feet wafting over to me…no wonder I luv that spot so much…I am a scent hound you know!  The darn cats have it good, they just jump up on the desk or on whatever they want in the house but us dogs are stuck down low!

View of the kitchen from under the bar stools

Now this view is absolutely breathtaking from under the bar stools.  Mom likes to eat at the kitchen island a lot.  I figure it is my job to sit right by her in case anything should fall to the floor.  I would be right there, Johnny on the spot, to clean up any mess.  The kitchen should be the most interesting room in the house for us dogs, but with this view we have to just look at the floor and let the smells of the kitchen paint a mental picture of what it is that we cannot see.

I have no complaints from the living room.  There is a coffee table but otherwise it is a wide open room, I can watch tv or whatever is going on unobstructed most of the time.

View from my bed with Bunny's ears

The bedroom is another bad view.  My little Cuddle Bed is on the floor right next to mom’s side of the bed.  Bunny and I sleep in there every night – sorry about the photo, Bunny’s ears got in the way, but I figured I look through them myself so I may as well leave them in the photo.  I just want to be by mom and be able to see her so she doesn’t inadvertently escape in the night but as you can see from my photo, it is pretty hard to see who is in bed way up there.

So, I think two things are pretty clear – one, I am not the best with a camera and two, you humans need to do something about the view from “down under”.  If not for your beloved dogs, what about those screaming little humans – why do you think they cry so much?  It has to be that ugly view which is enough to scare any living being!  Go lay on the floor and take in the view now that my post has ended : )

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  1. March 21, 2012 13:02

    this was such a cute post, emma! really makes me wonder what desmond is looking at. probably a lot more dust and dirt than i want to admit!! 🙂

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