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Emma As A Reporter

March 10, 2012

Me interviewing cousin Lena on the couch

Lena and I like to hang out and play together, so today we got the idea to play reporter.  I needed an idea for my blog, Lena wanted to post again but it is MY blog, so I wanted to post.  Then I came up with the idea of an interview which means we are both kind of posting.  I, Emma, am the reporter and I am going to interview my guest Lena.  Sometimes I do have issues with her sharing my stuff, because it is MY stuff.  Having never done an interview before, I hope I don’t get nervous and mess it all up!

Emma:  So, Lena, how is your spring break at our house going so far?
Lena:  Most of the time it is going great!  Sometimes I get tired of you guys and the sharing everything deal but for the most part I am havin’ a blast!  Woof!

Emma:  What would you say you like howlin’ best about staying with us?
Lena:  I think I really like the walks and the running, pant, pant.  I don’t get out as much when I am home but you guys are always out exploring and it is so much fun!

Emma:  What would you say you don’t like about staying with us?
Lena:  It is kind of like a boot camp for a dog like me, grrr.  All the up early, exercise and following rules, it is a bit rough but for a few weeks I don’t mind.

Emma:  Are you homesick at all?
Lena:  Well, yes and no.  I really miss the kids, Gunnard and Meredith, sniff, sniff.  I miss mom and dad too, but it is hard to be without the kids.  I know we will have a giant happy reuniting when they pick me up which I look forward to, woof.

Emma:  How is life as an only pet?  Here we are 2 cats and 2 dogs and then you.
Lena:  The thing is I have the kids so I am not so alone and sometimes cousin Bowie the cat stays with us, lick my chops a bit.  It is a total blast at your house with all the furry ones but it can be stressy too because I have to share stuff and then there is some jealousy sometimes but it is really fun for a few weeks!

Emma:  What else do you like about visiting our house?
Lena:  You guys have so many toys!  I just love to play with all of them and I enjoy chewing on them until your mom has to throw them out, smack my lips a bit.  I can’t believe you and Katie don’t play with any of them really.  Your fenced yard is great too so we can go out and really play dog games without leashes!

Emma:  Why do you feel the need to chew up all of our toys rather than just playing with them, grrr?
Lena:  Not sure, just feel like if no one wants to play fetch with a toy I should eat it, why don’t you chew up your toys, I find that odd!

Emma:  What is it with your tennisball obsession, roll back my eyes?
Lena:  I am a retriever, can’t help it, I was born to fetch and tennisballs are just perfect for that.  I think all retrievers love tennisballs.
Emma:  But Katie and I want to play chase and wrestle games with you and you only think of the tennisball, isn’t playing with us more fun?
Lena:  Sorry, don’t know why but tennisballs are tops with me, I might even die for a tennisball.  You play with Katie and I will continue fetching.

Emma:  Do you have any questions for me?
Lena:  Yes, why are you such a momma’s baby, whine, whine?
Emma:  I luv mom and she spoils me and does everything for me.  I am a pack dog so I don’t like to be without my pack and she is in my pack with Katie, howl.  I also get jealous when you try to get her attention so I get mad sometimes, can’t help it, sorry.
Lena:  Yep, you are a big baby about a lot of things, your sister Katie is much more independent and mature but you are more fun to play with!

Emma:  What are you going to do when you get back home?
Lena:  First I am going to go nuts and greet all my bipeds, pant, pant and then I am going to sleep for about a week straight – I am always so tired out after vacationing at your place.

Emma:  You know that when you are really tired you snore like an old man and wake mommy and I up don’t you?
Lena:  No idea, but hey, get over it, cover those floppys over your ears for some relief, grrr.  At least I don’t wander around at night like you do which wakes ME up and YOUR mom!

Emma:  Are you going to miss being at our house?
Lena:  Sure I will, but I like my life at my house too, and I get to see you guys sometimes and hopefully next spring break I can come back.

Emma:  A howlin’ thanks for playing reporter with me Lena, that was fun!
Lena:  Woof, no problem and your mom actually let us on the furniture!!!  Never in a million years thought that would happen : )

3 Comments leave one →
  1. March 10, 2012 09:57

    Lena is a pretty lab. And of course, she can’t help the tennis balls.
    Try to be patient with her Emma and try not to get so jealous when she gets attention. I am glad she gets some quality time with you guys before going home.

  2. March 15, 2012 10:24

    cute interview!! now tell me, how did you get emma to wear those glasses long enough for a picture??

    • March 15, 2012 11:00

      Emma is good about posing or wearing things, she knows there is a treat at the end so she cooperates most of the time. She wore the glasses in her how does a dog write a blog post too.

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