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Guest Blog from Lena

March 7, 2012
Showing Lena how to blog

Showing Lena how to blog

Hi furends of my long eared cuz, Emma!  I am Lena, the yellow Lab.  I spend my spring break with my cousins Katie and Emma every year.  I am an only pet so it is fun for me to spend a couple weeks with them and their 2 cats.  I do have 2 kids at home, they are my best buddies but it is not the same as furry pals.  Sometimes I get to watch gramma’s cat Bowie which is fun.  I love to lick him until he is all wet!  Last time gramma left him with us for a whole month and I actually got a hairball from licking him so much.  I know he just loves it too!  I don’t get to use the computer at home, so Emma wanted to show me how it works and let me write a post for her.  I kind of like it and may have to sneak on my computer at home when no one is looking!

Walking Katie & Emma's mom

I just love visiting my cousins.  Sometimes I get on their nerves because I am only 2, but Emma and I usually have a lot of fun together.  We get to go for lots of long walks sniffing all the wonderful smells in the area, seeing the occasional critter run by, it is great.  This year I get to use the same flexi leash that Katie and Emma use so their mom has 3 of us on 25 ft flexi leashes.  People are just laughing at us because sometimes we get everything so tangled up that she has to practically do a twirly dance to get us straight again!  Emma’s mom says I am a bit hyper, so she lets me go running with her every few days which I really love and am good at, it just makes me so tired, though.  Katie says I am stupid liking to run.  She had to train for a marathon with her mom a few years back which made her hate to run but now she is retired from running.  She is so happy to just stay home and sleep in while I go for a run.

Everyone doing their own thing in the yard

My cousins also have so many fun toys at their house, I mean besides their 2 cats Bert and Sophie.  They don’t really play with their toys anymore so they are all just sitting in a pile upstairs.  I like to get them one at a time, bring them downstairs and leave them laying all over the house.  I don’t think their mom likes them all over but I do.  I am really a tennis ball freak and would spend every free minute of my day chasing and retrieving tennis balls but I can’t find anyone to keep throwing them for me.  Katie and Emma don’t play with tennis balls at all which I find totally weird!  We spend a lot of time out in the yard just sniffin’ around or sometimes we play chase and tackle.  We really enjoy barking like crazy at nothing.  Emma and Katie’s mom does not like the noise at all and will make us come inside but then we get all wild so she has to send us out again…there is strength in numbers!

I have only been here for a few days, so I am sure more exciting stories will come up that Emma will blog about.  I think this is good for my first post.

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