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Meet My Pal Buddy

February 24, 2012

Triple trouble hangin' out

I wanted you all to meet my pal Buddy, actually he is more like our pal, not just mine.  Buddy stays with us sometimes when his family goes on vacation and the first time was last summer.  He is about 2 years old and reminds me of many of my twitter friends as he is such a small guy.  I am not sure who is bigger, my cat Bert or Buddy???  Hmmm…

When he first sees us he has his Napolean complex and tries to boss us all around but I quickly squash that behavior and then we get down to having some fun.  He kind of likes to hang out with my cat Bert too.  Not sure why that is?  Maybe because they are the only males or because they are similar in size?  Buddy is a wild and crazy dude!  He is quite the nervous type, always running around with toys and wanting to play during our nap time.  I guess he just never gets tired out!  He walks with us, takes cousin Lena’s spot in the middle.  He is quite frustrated, though, as his flexi leash only extends 15 feet and mine is 24 ft!  he is always trying to catch up to me but can’t, so I tease him about it!  His leash is so little too, mom holds it with just one finger.  One time I was being naughty so she took a really good yank on my leash only to find out she had Buddy’s leash and the poor guy went flying.  No harm done but she has to make sure she has her leashes straight!  He also seems to think that Katie and I are his big bodyguards as he likes to go up to strange big dogs and make a ruckus only to come running back scared to death and expecting us to keep him safe!  We do look out for him, I guess he knows that!

Lovestruck Buddy

Our next door neighbors have 2 small girl dogs about Buddy’s size.  One day last summer they were out in their yard and Buddy fell in love!  The guy sat at the fence and stared at the cute girls, one of them did come over and sniff with him for a few minutes but then went back to doing whatever it was she had been doing and Buddy just watched them, totally mesmerized!  At his house he has 3 kids, a mom and dad and a fenced yard but he does not get out to meet other dogs much.  I think he made his first discovery of the cute opposite sex!

One of the best things the little guy does is to play soccer.  He could play forever and it is so funny!  Take a look at the video!  We look forward to Buddy’s next visit!

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  1. February 24, 2012 10:37

    That guy sure does know how to have fun! He looks a like a fun friend Emma! Oh this is DJ from BARK TALK!

  2. February 24, 2012 17:25

    Buddy sounds like a fun dude. What kind of dog is he?
    His love affair with the girl dogs is also super cute!

    • February 24, 2012 17:29

      Hi Gracie Lu, Buddy is a Schmorkie – Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkie…you would like him!

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