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Roadtrip to the Split Rock Lighthouse

February 19, 2012

Nice lighthouse

Last May two friends of ours from Germany came over to visit us.  We feel sorry for mom, she thinks they came to see her, but we know they were here to see us.  They even brought us gifts.  The one friend was our vet in Germany and the mom of Katie’s best friend Kenai, and the other breeds Siberian Husky dogs so obviously they were here for us dogs!  They did some stuff with mom around the area and the 2 of them went out to Yellowstone for I think about a week but when they came back they wanted to see northern Minnesota.

Mom thought a trip to Duluth would be good but they wanted to see a lighthouse so we took a roadtrip to the Split Rock Lighthouse.  We passed through Duluth on the way but no one seemed very excited about it as it looked so industrial.  We finally got up to the lighthouse and it looked like a great area for us dogs to get out and walk as well.  Not!  Welcome to America land of “no dogs allowed”.  We were all really bummed about this since it

Katie and I at the lake

was a great area with trails and woods, etc and we wanted to see the lighthouse.  Mom went in and talked to the people and found out that we could not go in the area by the lighthouse but we could go a bit further out and walk there if we bought a pass so we did that.

Once we parked and got out again we forgot all about the “no dogs allowed”, it was a great place to hike!  Not far from the parking lot we found Lake Superior.  Katie mistakenly thought we were back at the North Sea in Germany!  She

Great puddle!

went running up to the water to take a drink, fully expected salt water, and got fresh water.  She was baffled and did not know what to make of it.  The water was icy cold and great to drink!  I spent most of my first year on the North Sea coast but had forgotten how it was with the waves and was scared of them at first.  Mom said I used to dive into them head first as if I was attacking them but I had forgotten that.  We continued on hiking through the woods, along the shore, out on the penisulas, it was just wonderful!  We could see the Splitrock Lighthouse from so many different vantage

I love it here!

points that it did not matter that we could not actually stand next to it.  It was perhaps nicer seeing it from afar!

We hiked around for about 4 hours, I even found some small warm puddles to sit in, I so love getting all wet and if possible dirty too!  Don’t be fooled by the photo, the water was clear, just the rock underneath make it look all brown.  Mom almost had a heart attack when she first saw me in there, thinking about how to get me clean again. Ha, ha, ha!  The humans were getting thirsty and hungry, we were just hungry as we could drink the lake water.  One friend had beef jerky along and we did get a small bit of that – very yummy!  Then it was time to leave, but we definitely want to go back some day!

On the way home we stopped in Duluth and went down to the lift bridge area.  This was not very interesting for dogs and we were tired out anyway from the fun we had earlier.  Our friends took some photos and bought some souvenirs and then we were on the way back home.  What a fun roadtrip!

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  1. February 21, 2012 12:12

    That is great that your mom got to see old friends. The trip sounds FUN, but that is such a bummer they have stupid “No Dogs Allowed” restrictions. I hate that, and mom does too. She carries me in a baby sling, but it doesn’t matter. People are still all “no dogs allowed.” HMPH. So annoying. Anyway, I’m glad you were able to do some fun hiking!

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