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I miss winter

February 17, 2012

My snow cave

Hard to believe that me, the sunshine girl, is going to say this but I miss winter!  Mom, Katie and I really like the cold and snow and this winter has been a definite dud!  I love summer, swimming, etc but I also enjoy playing in the snow and those brisk icy morning walks.  This year we have nothin’ but brown grass.  We have had a couple inches of snow here and there but it just melts which makes a mess of me when I go outside.    One of our friends moms laughed at us today because Katie & I were hanging out on the only patch of snow at the park, obviously we like snow!  So, I decided to look at pics of last year which was ideal and wanted to share them with my readers – the good memories!

Deeper than I am tall

Last year we got our first snow the beginning of November – really got dumped on, it was great!  I think mom said we got like 18″ of the white stuff.  As you can see from the photo, it was deep!  Mom could not even go out the front door because there was a wall of snow.  She likes to shovel but it was pushing her limits there!  The backyard was Katie and my responsibility.  Mom shovels the deck and the stairs for us and the rest is up to us.  Normally we blaze a trail from the house to the back of the yard.  We run back and forth until it is trampled down really well.  This storm it was really rough for me so Katie had to get the trail started and I would hop behind her.  I got a real work out!

Where is all our grass

I did some digging after a few days trying to see if the grass was still down there but did not have much luck finding it.  Even though the snow was so deep and I mostly had to hop around I am proud to say that I got a wabbit.  Mom let us out one night and I sensed there was a bunny under one of the pine trees so I hopped out to the far end of the yard and managed to catch the wabbit.  I brought it to Katie as a gift but she did not appreciate it.  Mom was not so happy either as she had to get all dressed up and come out to collect the body.  She gets so sad about it too but I am so proud because that is what I am bred to do.  Our neighbors like my work as well as we have too many wabbits and they ruin peoples plants and bushes.

My snowball beard

Now we are stuck in snowless, warm weather for another month or so and then it will be time to think about getting my pool out again and we will hope for a better winter next year!  March is normally our snowiest month, but I have lost all hope for this year.

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  1. February 17, 2012 14:06

    Love the pictures!!! I wish we had a Winter, I’m not ready for Summer.

  2. February 17, 2012 23:58

    Look at the gorgeous snow you got. We haven’t had ANY snow recently, but then again, I live in the south. You are lucky!

  3. February 19, 2012 02:09

    I know how you feel. I’m a real snow dog myself even though ma dad says I not supposed to be. I’m a Sillky terrier mix, but think I was a husky in ma past life. Hehe. Cheer up…There’s always next year. Paw Love

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