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Happy Valentines Day

February 14, 2012

I'm ready to party!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  What a great holiday to celebrate – based on love and I love to love!  Do I look cute enough? Got the antennas from Gramma, she said they were totally me!  You know I don’t have a dog boyfriend.  I am the girl on the block that all the boys just love, but as a friend.  I like to play, get dirty, get in trouble, kind of a tomboy type of girl!  As for love, I have 2, 2 legged men that I love but both are married.  They come to visit me sometimes and I just love them up like crazy but they always go back home to their human families.  Why would I want to settle for a dog anyway – as if a dog would have a job and be able to spoil me as I am accustomed to!   No reason to be sad, I am free as a bird, no strings attached, just out to have fun and enjoy life to the max and my mom loves me to death!

Katie & her flowers

My sister Katie on the other hand has a whole load of boyfriends, Cody, Charlie, Mikey and more!  The boys just love her!  She is big and white, hates getting messy, avoids trouble, blah, blah, blah…the kind of girl a dog would like to settle down with.  She tends to like the big black or brown boys best.  We always have to walk by her boyfriends homes to see if they are out for her to visit…boring…  That’s fine, I am happy with my boy pals, she can have the romance!

I think it is a paws down decision for Katie and I that the best part of the day is that mom is going to back us beefy/bacon heart shaped cookies.  We love it when she bakes for us as the whole house will have that aroma that makes a dog drool and we will get to eat extra cookies today because it is Valentines day!  Click here for the recipe so your mom/dad download it and then make them for you too!  Happy Valentines Day!

That is my dough Bert!

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  1. February 15, 2012 11:29

    Ahh Emma,
    One empawthises completely! You do look fabulous dear, Why devote all your time to another canis familiaris when you’ve two adoring men to roll your eyes at…
    Lady Willowmena X

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