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Happy Groundhog Day

February 2, 2012

To Hunt or Not to Hunt?

Happy Groundhog Day everyone!  Boy for a GBGV like myself this is a day full of moral reflection and self discipline!  A GBGV is a scent hound, we track small animals actually we could track things as big as a deer but usually we are after hares and other smaller critters.  That being said, today is groundhog day where, at least in the US we celebrate this fat furry little critter and he is supposed to be popping up to let us know how much more winter we can expect.  Unfortunately, for me he is a little fat, furry critter that I would love to chase and kill. I have killed so many rabbits in the yard over the past 4 years that mom has lost track.  I love the little critters but my mind tells me chase, catch and kill, I can’t help myself.  I am such a sweet girl but I just have to kill small critters!  Now as you can see I have a dilemna.  Here I am right next to a no hunting sign when one of these cute little chubby groundhogs walks by.  What to do, what to do…does no hunting apply to dogs or just humans, maybe I can’t read, maybe I had my ears closed when mom said let it go, I am not sure.  Mom said the one named Phil out east saw his shadow meaning 6 more weeks of winter and I am wishing for snow so I guess I will let the little guy continue on his journey.  Happy Groundhog day to my readers and to all the groundhogs out there – I give you today, and today only, a free pass to wander as you will without the wrath of Emma.

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  1. February 2, 2012 10:58

    OMD OMD was that critter in that picture really walking right in front of you??? I have to confess that I’m like you, I can’t resist the urge to chase small things if they run… mostly I flush pheasants that can fly away but I have managed to catch 1 rabbit, 1 squirrel and 1 pheasant, all with the catch and shake method. Not even 1 catch per year so I don’t think the wildlife needs to worry about me!
    I think you are very kind to give all those wee groundhogs a free pass for the day, I’ve never seen one of those… I wonder what they taste like…

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