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Paw Padding 101

January 16, 2012

Testing out new technology

Hi everyone, mom and I have entered into the technology battle.  She is always using the desk and the laptop for work stuff which leaves me out in the cold.  I need to work on my blog, fb page, twitter and so on but with her on the computer all the time I have a hard time getting my work done.  My fans, friends and followers are relying on me to post so I can’t wait forever.  Today she suggested that I try one of her other lovely devices to do my social media work.  She let me use her smartphone and her ipad with a paw padding 101 crash course to see if I could work with these while she sits comfortably at the desk using the laptop.

The smartphone was a disaster!  I call it a dumb phone.  Mom has a hard time using it with her fingers, well try using those tiny buttons with paw pads – muy imposible!!!  It does do voice commands but my paws had to get the darn thing to that point which was not workable so the smartphone is, I have determined, completely useless to a dog!

Moving on to the ipad (paw pad to me).  Now this device is not bad.  I can lay on my bed and be comfy while operating it with my paw pads.  The keyboard is much larger and easier to use and it is fast plus I can just sweep the pages from left to right or up and down, very paw friendly!  The only downfall is that I can’t download my photos from my camera to the thing as there is no card reader or usb port.  I also tend to fall asleep in the middle of my work because I am way too comfortable working from bed!  I guess it is a good option for some quick tweets or posts but I will still have to deal with mom and the technology battle for the desk and the laptop to do my serious work.

Any of you dogs out there have some better ideas for me?  Please leave a comment – I could use some help here!

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  1. January 18, 2012 15:48

    Haha I like your work ethic ! why change it, all I would add is a nice flask of hot tea or coffee. This stops one from having to leave the office (Bed) meaning your going to be even more efficient…
    Keep up the good work.

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