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My First Minnesota Winter

January 10, 2012

Cruisin' through the first snow

So, we move into our new house and we just love it!  We were enjoying the yard and having our own space again and then 3 days later it hit.  We got our first taste of a Minnesota winter.  Yes, my first Minnesota winter and we got a nice little snow storm the end of November.  No more grass or interesting smells in the yard, just frozen white stuff.  My sister thought it was fun to eat it, I did not like to do that.  She is also tall and could race through it without much effort but for me it was almost up to my belly so I needed to really hop to get around.  As a sister team we worked hard on blazing a trail from the stairs of the deck to the pine trees in the backyard.  We ran back and forth until it was nicely trampled down.  You know rabbits hide under those trees sometimes so I need access for my rabbit hunting!  We took our first walk in the snow, that was challenging.  I had my first experience with what mom calls “paw freeze”.  I was fine in the snow but when we crossed the street where the snow plow with salt had been it would sting my paws so I would stop walking hold up my paw that hurt and mom would massage it until it was all better.  To this day I have this problem the beginning of every winter and mom is always right there to help me out.  Katie seems to be more winterized as she never has that happen.  Mom has also nicknamed me snowball in the winter as I seem to be a snowball magnet.  The snow somehow freezes to the fur on my legs and belly and I have to lay on a towel when I come inside to defrost so I don’ leave melted snow all over the house.  I also get iceball build up between my toes sometimes but mom helps me with that as well.  She is really a big help for me!

Snowy nature walk with Katie

It was not just the snow that hit us, we also learned about the meaning of cold.  Here in the great northern state of Minnesota it is common to have many days with temperatures below zero and I mean Fahrenheit!  Actually, it is not as bad as I thought.  Mom keeps to our exercise program no matter what the weather – 3 walks a day, sometimes turning the morning walk into a run, but rain or shine, snow or not, hot or cold, she has us out there.  The only thing is that when it is below zero we only walk for about 20 mins which is enough at those temps.  Katie and I really like the winter months – a nice change from the summer.  Variety is a great thing and those furry little critters can be found throughout the year so what more could I ask for?

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