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Our new home

January 6, 2012

Important Moving Tip

We spent 4 months living with Grandma which was fun but we also were looking forward to getting out on our own again to our new home so Grandma could have her house back!  Mom told us that we were buying a nice house with a great fenced in yard and lots of sidewalks in the area for walking.  We were really excited to see the new digs!  It was right after Thanksgiving that mom picked us up from our daycare with a small truck.  It was a very uncomfortable ride all the way to Grandma’s house.  These moving trucks were not made with dogs in mind, obviously!  That night mom spent a lot of time outside loading stuff into that truck.  The next morning, bright and early, we got back in the truck, took our last living cat Biene in a cage and headed for the title company.  Mom left us in the truck to keep an eye on our stuff while she went into the real estate office to buy our house.  Less than an hour later she came out and we drove about 5 mins to what she said was our new house.  We raced inside and looked all over – it was totally empty – we had never seen an empty house before so that was kind of weird and then she opened the door to the deck…we went flying out, down the stairs and raced around our new yard!  Was this great or what!  So many smells and we could see so many things too.  We had not had our own yard for 4 months and we were ready.  We investigated, wrestled, played chase, etc.  We were happy doggy campers!  Mom was busy most of the day with those boxes.  Don’t know why people need so much stuff but for some reason they do.  Some other people were at the house helping mom with things but Katie and I spent most of the day just enjoying the great outdoors!  Katie and I had both moved around a lot in our lives up to this point but now we were hoping to be settled in for at least a few years and it seemed like a great home!  We all slept great that night for sure!

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