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My Florida Vacation

January 2, 2012

Katie & I watching for squirrels

I am back from my Florida vacation – was gone almost 2 weeks.  I think this was my first real vacation.  Mom kept telling us that we were going on vacation which I had no clue about but Katie said she used to go on vacation all the time in Germany and it was usually fun.  I was pretty excited that first day as we all piled into the car and headed out onto the road but the excitement started dying in Iowa and then even more in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee…oh my!  I was sick of the car but we did spend a short night in a hotel so we had a break.  The next morning early we were back in the car on the road heading for Georgia and I was wondering if we would ever get to this place called Florida and sure enough, after 27 total driving hours we arrived at our house!  I think that for having never been on a vacation I am a well traveled hound – only 5 years old and have been in 5 countries and 9 US states!  Mom likes Katie and I to get as much out of our lives as we can I think.

Things are different in Florida, no hanging out in the yard as there are alligators around that could eat us alive – yikes!  We stayed in the caged in pool area and watched squirrels most of the time – there are so many squirrels in Florida and they like to tease dogs which made Katie and I crazy.  Sometimes they would run right over the cage above us!  Very exciting!  We had some nice walks and I went running with mom a few mornings.  The house was nice – luckily it had a/c which was great since it was in the 80’s most days!  Not sure if we will make that trip again as it was a darn long drive but it was fun to see someplace new and have some new experiences!

Below is a one minute video of Katie and I watching a squirrel for your entertainment.

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