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World Meet Bunny

December 27, 2011

Meet Bunny

World meet Bunny – my faithful stuffed companion. Mom got him for me when I was about 8 months old and we have been a pair ever since. When he was new he squeaked but mom made the horrific error of putting him in the washing machine one day and that killed the poor guy’s squeaker – very sad but I am over it. In my life there are three things I can’t live without: mom, my sister Katie and Bunny. I sleep with Bunny every night, I go get him and bring him to people when they come over and I am happy to see them and sometimes I just go get him because I want him. Bunny is not allowed outdoors, so when we are gone away he is home with my cats. Bunny has had so much love that he has ended up having many operations. Lucky for us mom can sew and the poor guy is really just a bunch of her stiches at this point. Sometimes Katie wants to play tug of war with him but that is no longer allowed as it rips his stitches. Once and a while we have dog friends over to visit and play. They are allowed to do pretty much anything and can have any toys, but Bunny is off limits. My hope it that he can survive and live a nice long life with me since he is so important to me. I don’t generally like or play with toys but I need my Bunny! Funny thing is that in the great outdoors I kill rabbits , but Bunny is special and I would never hurt him.

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