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Merry Christmas

December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  This is a great holiday to spend with the family.  I find it odd that people bring their trees indoors for a few weeks but they do look pretty with all the decorations hanging on them.  It is fun when they are fresh to smell all the critters that had been in them when they were still outside.  Just a word of advice to all those male dogs out there – you don’t need to water the tree!  The people have it covered.  Also, if you are a cat, no climbing the tree and no playing with the ornaments.  My cat brother Bert gets hung up in the tree every year.  Actually, we don’t have presents under our tree until the last minute because of Bert – he eats the ribbon or claws into the wrapping paper – cats can be so naughty!  We can’t put out milk and cookies for Santa either because of Bert – I think Santa understands who the naughty one is in the house because he always leaves us dogs a nice bone in our stockings.  My first Christmas was in Germany and we got a 3 foot long rawhide bone!  That was a real project, let me tell you!  Katie and I worked on that one together for days.  She chewed the one end and I chewed the other, that was a great gift!

Opening one of my gifts.

Katie and I pretty much ignore the whole present thing.  We usually get some treats but mom does not let us have the whole box.  We have to wait to eat them and then just one at a time, major bummer but she says it is better for us that way!  It is fun watching the kids open their gifts and play with them.  Some gifts are interesting like a remote control car, gets us dogs really thinking!

Whatever you do and whereever you are I wish you, your family and your pets a very Merry Christmas!

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