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Learning about dog parks

December 20, 2011

Come out little critters...

Since we did not have a yard when we first moved to the US, we got busy learning about dog parks.  Wow – there are all kinds of them out there!  Some are dull and boring but some are really a ton of fun, some are all fenced in and some are not.  Our favorite one is on 48 acres all fenced in.  It has lots of trails, tall grass areas, wooded areas and a fenced in pond for swimming if mom lets us.  We just love to go to that park any time of the year.  In the winter they even groom the trails!  There is one a bit closer to home but it is pretty dull.  It has lighting at night and a heated area where the humans can hang out in the winter.  Most people at this park just stand around and watch the dogs play.  I am not much for that social stuff, I would rather walk and explore.  There are 2 other parks we go to occassionally but the one is kind of small and the other one is mostly wooded and ever since Katie took off on mom and I and we could not find her for about 20 mins mom isn’t too keen on going there unless it is winter and we can see through the trees.  We have a nice fenced yard at home and we are out walking around our home area 2 hours a day but the parks are fun to go to for a change of scenery and some new friends.  Katie enjoys meeting the other dogs and I enjoy hunting for critters.

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