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My First Halloween

December 15, 2011

Looking ridiculous!

Oh boy, my first Halloween in the USA.  What could be worse for a dog – Halloween, how embarrassing, I mean really!  The year before on Halloween I was still in England with my dog mom and all my puppy brothers and sisters but now I was out in the real world – capital of Halloween – the USA!  Since mom thinks of us pets as her kids she thought it would be really fun and cute to dress us up.  All I can say is at least my costume fit me.  Poor Katie is really too big and her costume was too small making it even worse for her.  I was destined to be the hot dog and Katie was a pumpkin.  Our cat Boo was scheduled to be a chicken but very sadly, she died at 8 yrs old 2 days before Halloween.  She just had a heart attack and it was over.  We were not home, but Grandma was there, took her to the vet but there was nothing left to do for her.  We were sad as Boo was more like a dog and enjoyed hanging out with Katie and I.

In Memory of Boo

It was bad enough having to don this dreadful Halloween attire at home but we found out that mom wanted to show everyone how adorable we were in costumes!  Panic!  What if another dog saw us???  We drove to our daycare home and had to put on the costumes there for all the people and kids, then later when we got home we had to put on those awful things again and be at the door when all the kids came to get their trick or treat candy.  Everyone thought we were so adorable but Katie and I just wanted to curl up in a ball and die – so embarrassing, really!  Our biggest hope was that we would not have to go through this every year!

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