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Oh, the jetlag!

December 2, 2011

Not so sure about our new life

We finally made it to our new place – what a trip with the driving, airplane and more driving!  I really was not sure what end was up at this point.  It was evening when we got to Grandma’s house which is where we were going to live until we found our own place.  The house seemed nice, but no fenced yard that I could see, and we seemed to have all out stuff in one room.  We were all tired so we went to bed but mom forgot to explain to me about jetlag.  My puppy clock was 7 hours ahead of Minnesota time, so only a couple hours after going to bed I was waking up mom.  Since I felt that everyone was oversleeping I continued to wake up mom at least once an hour until she finally got up around 6 am, still really tired out and not so pleased with my wake up service.  I was tired myself but did not understand what was going on.  Katie, mom and I went out for our morning walk and that is when I fell in love with Minnesota.  Holy cow!  Grandma lives in a wooded area and there were squirrels everywhere.  In St. Peter I may have seen one, EVER, but here they were all over racing around with their fluffy tails, climbing trees and making me nuts.  Katie and I were just so wild and crazy and poor mom practically ended up smashed on numerous trees because the two of us would chase the squirrels and she could not hold us back, thus we had to relearn walking on a leash.  After this walk I could see that Minnesota might have possibilities after all!  Grandma’s house has a nice screenporch too which became one of my favorite spots to smell and watch all the critters scampering around in the trees.

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