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OMG – Moving to Minnesota!

November 29, 2011

My travels

So, I am about 10 months old, settled into my life in Germany, loving the North Sea when I find out that we are packing our bags and moving across the Atlantic to Minnesota!  I know when I left England I got a passport from the European Union but I figured that would get me to Germany and that would be about it – had no clue I was to become a world traveler!  I would be 10 months old and have traveled to five different countries – England, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and the USA – wow!  I knew nothing about the US, Katie had heard from mom’s previous dog a little bit about it as Trine (the previous dog) had spent her first 5 years in Minnesota and then moved to Germany.  I heard that it was not as dog friendly, Germany is a dog paradise since we are allowed just about everywhere and most Germans give dogs more rights than children.  I guess I would soon find out for myself what it is like.  Since we are not crate dogs we had to take some Relaxan (natural doggy valium) for a few days before the trip to get us relaxed.  Mom did not want to risk anything happening to us so we had to drive almost 6 hours from our home in Germany to Amsterdam to catch  a non-stop 9 hour flight to Chicago where some relatives would pick us up and drive us another 8 hours to our new temporary home in the Twin Cities.  Mom only trusted a non-stop flight and being summer we could not fly into the Twin Cities because it was too warm, so Chicago it was.  It was a long day to say the least!  All our stuff had been packed and someone picked it all up a few days before we left, very odd!  When we got to Amsterdam we got in our crates and then were taken away to a KLM 747.  I was doing ok because of the Relaxan but I really wondered if Katie and I would ever see mom again.  It was a good 10 -11 hours until we all met up again in Customs in Chicago – I have never been so happy to see mom!  Luckily Katie and I were in crates next to each other so we were not alone but we wanted to get out and find mom.  We got all stacked and loaded on a jumbo luggage cart and proceeded outside to find our ride to the next stop.  This was the first time that I had seen my new Grandma, Katie knew her already from her Germany visits but mom’s brother was new to both of us.  We got out of the crates and found a nice place to relieve ourselves before getting in the van and heading to Minnesota.  We did a lot of dozing on the ride since we were all exhausted but we were really too nervous to completely sleep.

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