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Good Times

November 26, 2011

The Three Stooges - Katie, Emma & Kenai

Just a couple photos from the best times of living in St. Peter-Ording.  It is also quite obvious that I was the water rat of the bunch among the two Mrs. Clean dogs!  Mom, Katie and I spent hours each week on the giant beaches, walking, playing and running.  We were often joined by Katie’s best friend since Katie was 9 weeks old, Kenai.  Kenai and Katie had a lot of fun together when they first met in southern Germany and then in St. Peter.  Kenai was a few years older than Katie but they were buddies.

My life as a "beach bum"

On the other hand, for Kenai I was just a little pest, a third wheel.  She put up with me because I was kind of a package deal with Katie but really found me to be just a nuisance.  Nevertheless, the three of us spent many hours carousing the beach together.   Sadly, just a few weeks after these photos were taken, Kenai moved back to southern Germany and Katie and I to the US – never to roam the beaches together or see each other again.  We all settled into our new homes and found new friends but never forget the times on the beach – there is nothing like that in the whole world!  Lucky for us, we are dogs so we live in the now but we do have our memories and if mom starts saying Kenai, Katie still looks for her.

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