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Life’s a beach…

November 21, 2011

Just me and the North Sea

and when you get home the humans force you to take a bath!

Man, I just love getting all wet and sandy at the beach – the North Sea is a great thing and the 12 km long and about 1 km wide beach is great for racing with friends or chasing birdies!  Katie does not like to be wet or dirty so she just wades in the water but not me!  I like to get right in there, attack the waves and dive under the water – the more wet and dirty the better!  Since we lived right there, I was at the beach almost daily.  When I was really young I did not get wet much because I was always a bit to cold but once my fur started coming in I was always wet!

Trying to bury Katie in sand

Digging in the sand is another fun project.  There are so many smells in that beach and the more you dig the more you bring up new smells.  It is also kind of fun to kick all the sand in your sister’s face and partially bury her : )

Katie and I wading along

We ran around without leashes on the beach all the time, I mean really, where could we go?  Mom could see us for miles.  When I was younger I just followed Katie wherever she went and that was fine with me at the time.  But then, at about 6 months my tracking genetics started kicking in making me want to follow my nose and I was having a bit of trouble staying right there with mom on walks like I had in the past.  She would hide from me as a reminder that I needed to pay attention to her but on the beach, there was nowhere to hide.  I started chasing birds but they always flew away so I would chase them a bit farther but not to far.  Then one day when I was about 9 months old I realized that when one bird flew away there was another just down the beach and I took off after the birdies, one after the other.  Luckily we were at the beach with friends so mom was panicked but not alone and we had an extra dog along as well.  My ears closed down and I was on a mission to get a bird.  I kept going and going and soon mom could hardly see me.  Her friend went closer to shore and made a half circle and tried to drive me back to mom but I was in my element.  I ran and ran for almost half an hour before they managed to capture me.  That was the last time I was allowed to just run on the beach.

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