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Groomer – should be one of those 4 letter words!

November 18, 2011

Before the groomer

Oh boy – my hair!  Mom never had a dog that needed actual grooming.  Her other dogs were large dogs that needed a brushing now and then and perhaps a bath but that was it.  We had no idea that I needed to have my coat stripped, my ears plucked, matts between my toes removed…not a pretty project!  We visited a local groomer to have my ears plucked and found out that I have an abundance of hair deep down in my ear channels that needs to be pulled out every couple months.  I don’t like anyone messing with my ears and that plucking is painful – I scream like I am being killed but it has to be done.  Then we took a road trip to a German GBGV breeder who showed mom how to strip my coat and how to trim certain areas of my coat with a thinning shears.  Since I had never been groomed that project took quite a bit of time but I have to say that I felt great afterwords and looked like a new dog!  Now that we know how it all works and what needs to be done, we work on my coat often.  Every few months we do a serious stripping but almost every day we comb something or check my ears to keep me looking sharp as much as possible!  I still prefer being dirty and uncombed over the fancy look but I understand I have to get groomed.

After the groomer

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