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How does a dog write a blog?

November 16, 2011

Me working on my blog

 Many of my readers have asked:  “How it is possible that a dog could write a blog?”.  I thought the best thing would be to post this photo of me working on the blog in my home office.  Some people may look at me working and think what a clown that Emma is, but I am taking my blog seriously!  Yes, I am wearing glasses – I am a scent hound not a sight hound and since the keyboard does not really “smell”, I need glasses for typing.  I would NOT like to thank the inventor of the keyboard as they obviously did not take paws into account, typing is very difficult.  I hope to someday get one of those fancy voice activated deals so I can just say what I want and it will type for me!  I feel at home at my desk, I have my own laptop so if my beard drips on it or I have dirty paws on it no one cares, my water bowl with fresh water in case I am thirsty, some Milkbones for snacking and Bunny, my inspiration, the guy I sleep with, drag around the house and generally can’t do without.  I have a phone but I prefer to skype over the computer if I have to make a call.  So you see, it is a nice comfortable set up and I enjoy telling the world about my life because I am a happy dog : )
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