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Settling into my new life

November 10, 2011

My first time on the beach

It only really took me a few days to realize that ending up in my new home with my new family was kind of like hitting the jackpot.  I had my new mom wrapped around my little paws and after about a week Katie decided to accept me – we became sisters, best friends and she functioned as my body guard.  It was all working out great.  Seriously, it was like a dream living across the street from the North Sea, I could go to the beach every day and swim, roll in the sand and get all dirty.  Most of the area along the dike was ideal for dogs going off leash which was also so much fun.

I did realize that I had one problem and that was that I was way too attached to my mom and Katie.  We walked at least 2 hours a day just about every day.  I would get carried on and off since I was too young to walk so much and it was not good for my growing body.  I was not allowed to jump in and out of the car or take the stairs until I was almost a year old just to make sure that nothing happened to my long back or my joints.  To this day I don’t do much jumping, I let mom lift me – why not if she is silly enough to do it!  One day when we were walking Katie just took off on us.  I could not keep up with her so I ran back to mom and I was howling like crazy.  I did not like the fact that Katie was gone.  We had to wait about half an hour for her to come back to us.  I was so sad and just could not stop howling until she was back.  sometimes in the morning my mom would go out jogging either alone or with Katie which also made me so sad.  It did not matter to me if someone was home with me or if I was alone, I would howl non-stop until she came back.  I just like to be with mom and Katie all the time!  When I am sad I just howl and I still do.  I have never been a destructive dog.  Some dogs can’t be alone because they tear up the house but not me, I just cry until mom comes back.

Wrestling with Katie

I also learned that Katie really cared about me.  St. Peter-Ording, the resort town we lived in, had so many dogs on vacation with their owners and we would all run loose and play on the dike or on the beach.  Katie always watched over me and if strange dogs would get too rough with me she would put her paw around my front shoulders and pull me right under her belly to show the other dog that I belonged to her and they better leave me alone.  To this day she protects me, all I have to do is give the signal and she is Johhny on the spot to help me out of any predicament.  I am kind of a devil too, I like to go racing and barking up to a dog like a Rottweiler and then the moment he starts to come at me I race back to Katie and hide behind her – the job of a little sister I guess.

Fighting over Mr. Mallard

Katie and I really bonded.  We wrestled, played chase, napped together, did just about everything together and 5 years later we still do.

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