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An office job – are you kidding me?

November 9, 2011

The stress of working full time just wore me out!

After spending almost a week getting adjusted to my new life it was time to go to work at Schneider Immobilien, GmbH.  My big sister Katie had been going to work since she was 9 weeks old and just loved it so I figured it must be a fun thing.  Wrong!  A few hours or maybe a day and that was plenty for me, talk about boring!  I wanted to go out and play, explore, etc.  We did go for an hour walk at lunchtime, usually over the bridge and out to the beach, but that just did not cut it for me.  I could not walk that long so mom carried me on and off and Katie walked, usually out to the beach which was so much fun but then we had to go back to work.  So, when I realized that working was not for me I had to get myself fired.  I started by acting like I had to go poddy all the time which forced mom to keep taking me outside and once out I refused to go back in.  Then I discovered the water bowl – let the fun begin.  The bowl had a lip on it so when everyone was busy I would sneak into the backroom, pick up the bowl and dump out all the water and then romp around in the wet mess until I got caught.  I did this for a few days until they bought a waterbowl that I could not grab onto to tip over.  I also made it my job to empty the trash can in the bathroom and chew on my findings.  The last straw was when mom had a client coming to the office.  She took Katie and I out to go to the bathroom before the appointment and what happened?  My big sister stood right over me and just peed!  Oh boy was that bad.  My little white back looked like a kid had colored it with a yellow highlighter.  Mom went through the roof with anger at Katie and then had to figure out what to do with me while she had her meeting.  After this day I did not work full time anymore.  Sometimes I would go to the office for a few hours but mostly mom worked from home or just left us home when she had to go to the office.

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