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Flying the coop – literally!

November 8, 2011

My last photo in England

Our car arrived at Heathrow Airport after a short drive and then to my surprise, this new woman that called herself my mom put me in a carry on bag, we got out of the car and Vivien just drove off!  Now I was terrified!  Here I was a French Scent Hound in England with some American woman heading off to Germany – this could not be good.  Out of fear I started howling as loud as I could non-stop.  People from all over were looking as I howled for help but everyone just petted me, said I was adorable and moved on, no one realized I needed help, or so I thought.  I howled for most of an hour until it was time to board the plane.  Mom was afraid they would not let us fly because I was so loud but once I had my little 5 pound body under the seat I fell asleep until my ears woke me up prior to landing.  I started howling as the pain in my ears was really bad – no one explained pressurization to me, not a good thing with my long floppys!  Next thing I know we are in Hamburg, Germany heading for my new home on the North Sea Coast.
We got to our new home after about 90 mins.  Seemed like a nice place.  I was a good girl and did not pee in my carrier or on my new mom.  As I got out of the bag in the foyer, a big white Kuvasz named Katie showed up.  I was excited thinking there were dogs at this place but to my disappointment she wanted nothing to do with me and just wanted mom to snuggle with her.  She seemed to wish that I would get back in my bag and leave and all I wanted was some dog companionship.  She did warm up to me after about a week and from that point on we became inseparable!  There were some kitties at my new home too but they were not real interested in me either.

First night in Germany in my big bed

It was later in the day when we got to my new home so we did not have a lot of time to do anything but get ready for bed.  It was my first night away from my doggie family and I was really sad.  I cried a lot in my bed, wanting to go back to England but my new mom seemed to really care about me and tried her best to consol me.  Mom does not like crates so I had a nice bed right next to her side of her bed so she would know if I needed to go out.  I did need to go out a few times.  It was very windy at my new home and in the dark I was trying to find a place to pee when the wind took one of my poor ears and wrapped it around a rose bush stem.  I started howling as it hurt so bad and mom could not see to get my ear free in the dark.  Oh what a mess!  Finally we got the ear free only to have the other one wrap around another thorny stem.  We both learned  to stay away from the rose bushes after that.

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